P Dugo, Mondello L, C Ragonese, M Russo, D Sciarrone, L Santi, A Cotroneo, Sicilian lemon oil: Composition of volatile and oxygen heterocyclic fractions and enantiomeric distribution of volatile componentsJournal of Separation Science. 33, 3374-3385 (2010)

A total of 92 samples of Sicilian lemon oils (Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.) produced from September 2008 to June 2009, industrially cold-pressed by different extraction techniques (Brown Oil Extractor and Food Machinery Corporation), were analyzed by GC-flame ionization detector (FID) and GC/MS-LRI to investigate the volatile fraction; by RP-HPLC/PDA to determine the non-volatile components and by enantio-GC-FID to determine the enantiomeric ratios of 12 volatile components. This study provides a detailed investigation on the composition of Sicilian lemon essential oils industrially produced during a productive season, with the aim to recognize quality parameters for the characterization of this product. The results obtained are discussed to evaluate seasonal variation, influence of the extraction techniques, and are compared with those obtained for samples produced during different seasons.