Raffaella Zanchi, Maurizio Scozzoli, Enrica Canzi, Luciano Molteni,. Effect of Camellia sinensis L. whole plant extract on piglet intestinal ecosystem. Annals of Microbiology 04/2012; 58(1):147-152.

The employment of Camellia sinensis L. whole plant extract as food supplement in livestock nutrition has been suggested in order to prevent usual livestock intestinal diseases. Afterwards we investigated in vivo the effects on piglet faecal microbiota of a diet added with 250 mg/kg of Camellia sinensis whole plant extract. A control diet without the plant extract, but added with antibiotic (sulfadiazine, trimethoprim, and tiamulin) was used for the comparison. Microbiological analyses of faecal samples collected after 60 days of the experimental feeding, evidenced a decrease of clostridia (p=0.001) and enterococci (p=0.04) counts in the faeces of animals fed with the experimental diet, compared to those fed with the control diet. These results show that the Camellia sinensis L. whole plant extract is able to reduce the number of some potential pathogenic bacteria in piglet gut and hence might improve animal health.