Charles Mve Mvondo, MD*, Paolo Nardi, MD, PhD, Carlo Bassano, MD, PhD, Fabio Bertoldo, MD, PhD, Susanna Grego, MD, Francesca D'Auria, MD, Antonio Scafuri, MD, Luigi Chiariello, MD, Surgical Treatment of Aortic Valve Regurgitation Secondary to Ascending Aorta Aneurysm: Is Adjunctive Subcommissural Annuloplasty Necessary? Ann Thorac Surg 2013;95:586-592

Background: Subcommissural aortic annuloplasty (SCA) has been recommended for treatment of functional aortic regurgitation (AR), but its association with sinotubular junction adjustment is still controversial. Conclusions: SCA is effective for treatment of functional AR, providing stable results even for significant AR. Our results suggest that it should be possibly associated to sinotubular junction adjustment. SCA seems to not impair normal aortic valve opening.


Mondello F, , Di Vito M, Campagna P, Scafuri A, Fedele G., Strategies for the control of skin infections by drug resistant bacteria with natural products. Ordinary Project ISS 2013.  Medical Collaborator cooordinator unit 3.